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Venice Solo Photo Shoot

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Photos taken in Venice by photographer Pietro. Photo shoot and enjoying Venice during an anjoyable tour.

Venice photo shoots for solo travelers. Photos taken in Venice during an enjoyable walking tour and possible gondola ride.

It’s more than a standard photography session, it’s also about discovering and really enjoying Venice with a local photographer.

Because it is not a short session we can go beyond the main spots, off the beaten path, discovering the real Venice.

My style is a balance of posed and candid pictures, a mix of static and dynamic photos, always with by the beauty of Venice in the background.

As professional photographer I have 10+ years of experience on providing photo shoot in Venice during enjoyable tours.

If you’re looking for a photographer for a Venice photo shoot then I’ll be happy to let you know details and price.

Among the photographers in Venice I am neither expensive or cheap. For sure I can offer a very good quality price ratio.

Quality is about the beauty of the photos and the enjoyable experience. Choose a photographer is about to find someone who is professional, creative and friendly.

I believe you’re searching for a photographer who has that attitude, because that will make your photo shoot Venice unforgettable.

That’s why, before contacting me to get price and details, I invite you to read the customer reviews on Google Maps and TripAdvisor.

Below in the BLOG you can see more pictures of solo travelers who hired me for a Venice photo shoot. Inside each post you can read the customer review.

a customer review

Oh my goodness! How to summarise this magical experience!

I often travel independently, and have just finished a fabulous solo trip to Venice (late Sept 2022). For photos, I usually just use a tripod to get the odd selfie, or ask strangers to take a snap – but I’ve recently had a really bad couple of months, so I decided to treat myself to a solo-photoshoot session with Pietro Volpato. I thought “Why not? I’ll never be younger than I am right now”.
We had the BEST day! I was nervous, having never done anything like this before but he was so lovely and gave me the confidence to pose for shots in a variety of spots.

He showed me so many cool places and I learned so much. I saw Venice from new angels, and we stopped for snacks and drinks chatting non-stop! I couldn’t have asked for a nicer companion for the day and was honestly a little forlorn when we had to say goodbye! He produced some photos for viewing the very next day, and continued to add to them over the following days too. I love so many of my photos – which is very special because usually I do not like photos that other people take of me! He is WELL WORTH the price paid and I have some great memories of beautiful Venice captured on photo because of him.

Honestly, book this wonderful man. He is wholesome, pure, passionate, incredibly sweet, and if I wasn’t already married I would have whisked him away in a romantic gondola forever!

— Francesca

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