Venice Photo Shoot

Photo shoot in Venice Italy with the professional photographer Pietro. Photos and really enjoying Venice.

If there is a city in Italy where it’s worth having a photo shoot that is Venice. That’s why there are literally hundreds photographers working in Venice. But, let me explain why this Venice photo shoot is more than a standard photography session.

professioanl photography

First of all, this photo shoot is not about only posed pictures taken at few main spots in Venice. I’m always searching for natural-candid photos, real romantic moments and real fun. There is a skill of mine to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera, making them feel relaxed from the beginning of the photo shoot. So, the more you act natural and spontaneous the more we can take photos about real fun and real romantic moments. Besides, the beauty of Venice really helps, especially at the hidden spots I know. This introduces the second main feature.

discovering Venice

Photography is only half of what you can get. With this photo shoot you’re going to discover Venice. Because we’ll take pictures where usually other photographers don’t go. I provide a longer photo shoots so we have time to go beyhond, farther, off the beaten path. Plus, between a location and another, I can tell you something about Venice, about everyday life, what to do or what to avoid in Venice. We can have a good coffee or whatever else, I can recommend restaurants where local people go. It’s as if you meet not just a professional photographer but also a friend of yours in another city/country and he would show you around, having a really good time.

enjoyable experience

In few words this is what you can get with this Venice photo shoot: great pictures and a lot of fun. Pictures taken at the main spots and off the beaten path. During the photo shoot, if you wish, we can have a gondola ride, with one of the trusted gondoliers I use to work with. So you can really get both, first, beautiful pictures taken in Venice by a professional photographer. Second, discovering and enjoying Venice with a local, friendly photographer. And, last but not least, my quality-price ratio is one of the best in Venice. That’s it, the Venice photo shoot I provide for your unforgettable vacation in Italy.

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