About The Venice Photographer Pietro (Bio-2)

Why hire me as photographer for your photo shoot in Venice.

There are literally hundreds photographers working in Venice. That’s why your choice could be not easy at the beginning.

So probably your question is that simple: why should I choose Pietro as my Venice photographer?

First, I’m a professional photographer since 2006. But my passion for art and photography began much before, when I was young.

My philosophy and attitude are simple (and strong) and like a silent mantra I repeat to myself: be professional, creative and friendly, always!

In the beginning of my career I was a photographer for a Venetian newspaper, then for some magazines and an advertising agency.

Since 2011 I’m an indipendent photographer, providing exclusively private photo shoots and photography workshops in Venice, Italy.

They are about photography and also about exploring and enjoying Venice with a local photographer. They are unique and original experiences indeed.

Anyway, in the page BIO you can read more details about my career as professional photographer.

Venice photo shoot with a local, professional photographer

What I provide is different from a standard photo shoot. Usually all the other photographer in Venice provide a short session. this is a long session because it’s also about dicovering and enjoying Venice, much more than tourists.

I can say that this photo shoot is perfect for couples and individuals. I’ll take pictures of you while we’ll be exploring Venice, mostly off the beaten path. You’ll enjoy Venice, as if you had a friend in this amazing Italian city. What else?

 By the way, if you just need few pictures taken within a 15-30 minute session, I’m sorry, that is not what I provide. About that I can recommend other Venice photographers.

or hire me for photography workshop

I also provide photography workshops and they’re about improving photography skill while exploring Venice with a local photographer. The itinerary of the photo tour is mostly off the beaten track.

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