Venice Photography Workshop

Photo workshop in Venice with photographer Pietro. Improving photography skills and exploring Venice.

This is a Venice photo workshop during an enjoyable tour with the local photographer Pietro. It’s about improving photography skills, also about discovering and enjoying Venice.

It’s a private Venice photo tour (no groups!) pefect for a solo traveler or a couples. For this reason it will be much more effective and enjoyable.

Learning how to take great photos in Venice with the guidance of a professional photographer by your side. A class of photography while exploring Venice.

The itinerary of this Venice photography workshop is mostly off the betean path, away from the crowded streets. We also take pictures at main spots, with a different, creative point of view.

If you’re traveling to Venice and you would like to have a photography workshop, this is an experience you should have. Spending a day learning the “secrets” of a professional photographer.


See parts of Venice that you would hardly find by yourself. Having a local photographer who show you around, through the maze of streets (calli), iconic canals and squares (campi).

Wandering around Venice, getting lost in the maze of charming streets and canals, aways from the crowded streeets. Enjoying the street photography in this unique Italian city.

Improving technique and creativity, no matter what is your camera. Learning about composition and framing. How to “catch the moment”, for example, at the Venice fish market.

In addition to the photography tips, you will learn about Venice. Not about its history but about the everyday life, curiosities and funny things which make Venice really unique.

Last but not least, we’ll have breaks for food, the delicious Venetian finger food. Otherwise just a drink, the famous Spritzor a good glass of wine at places where local people go. To put it differently, you’ll enjoy Venice much more than tourists.

By the way, I guess that those 200+ 5-star reviews on Tripadvisor is an excellent reason to hire me as photographer, for your photography workshop, your private photo tour in Venice, Italy.

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