Pietro Photographer in Venice (Bio-3)

Few words about the photographer Pietro, for your photography workshop in Venice Italy.

I’m a professional photographer in Venice since 2006. In the early years I had been a photographer for a Venetian newspaper, for some magazines and an advertising agency.

Since 2011 I’ve been providing photo shoots and photography workshops during private tours in Venice. Anyway, in the page BIO you could read more details about my career as photographer in Venice.

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I’m an independent photographer. It means I manage and take care of all the aspects of the working process (marketing, booking, shooting, delivery) without any online company or intermediary agency.

Photography is my passion since I was young so being a photographer in Venice probably was destiny. My attitude as photographer is quite simple: “be professional, creative and friendly, always!”.

 private photo workshop with a local photographer in Venice

The photography workshop I provide in Venice is strictly private, individual or just one couple (no groups). It’s for anyone who loves photography and who wants to explore Venice with a local photographer.

For absolute beginners or advanced amateur photographers. Improving photography skills, discovering and really enoying Venice, mostly off the beaten track and also the main spots.

Photographing Venice with the tips and advices of a professional photographer. Wandering around Venice with the guidance of a local photographer, at charming places that you would hardly find by yourself.

Moreover, it’s about having delicious finger-food (the famous Venetian “Cicchetti”), a good glass of wine or whatever else, at places where local people go. What else?

or hire me for a photo shoot

Most of my work is actually providing photo shoots and they have the same philosophy. I’ll take pictures of you while we’ll be exploring Venice. Therefore you’ll really enjoy Venice, as if you had a friend in this amazing Italian city.

For this reason it cannot be a short session, as the other photographers in Venice usually provide. Definitely, this Venice photo shoot is perfect for couples and solo travelers.

Price & Details? Contact me!

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