About Pietro ~ Photographer in Venice

Info about me, professional photographer in Venice for your photography session or photo workshop during an amazing private photo walk in Venice Italy

I’m a professional photographer based in Venice, Italy. Photography and art have always been my passion. Since 2006 I’m member of the Italian National Association of Professional Photographers {www.fotografi.tv}.

For some years I was a photographer of the main newspaper of Venice {Il Gazzettino}. Then I had been working for national magazines {Dove, Slow Food, Gambero Rosso} and for the an advertising agency {Ideazione Adv}.

Now I’m providing 100% photo shoots or photo workshops during a private photo walk/tour in Venice. I love walking and photography so being a professional photographer in Venice was probably my destiny. I like to share my enthusiasm with people. My friendliness make customers feel at ease and this allows me to take great natural pictures.

My philosophy of life is simple: treat people how you want to be treated. Specifically as photographer my philosophy is still simple: be professional, creative and friendly. I work hard without ever believing it is hard work because first of all, being a photographer in Venice is a pure pleasure.

What I really like is to provide great professional photos but also a great time in Venice. As photographer my style is a balance of posed and natural pictures. I take care all about the photography matters (composition, light, background etc.) and in the same time customers get to discovery and enjoy Venice above and beyond standard tours.

My Favourite Quote

“Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old” ~ {Franz Kafka}

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Pietro Volpato - Photographer Venice