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Get details of photo shoots and photography workshops provided by the Venice photographer Pietro.

Contact me and I’ll let you know price and details. I’ll be happy to be your photographer in Venice for a photo shoot or photography workshop during a walking tour.

about email

Email is not an option as first contact and the reason is simple. Sometimes for no reason emails ended up in the spam folder. This means that you could not see my reply to your email. We’ll use emails later for the booking and the delivery, when we have already a secure and alternative way of communication.

in case

If I’m already booked for the requested date, I’ll be happy to recommend other good photographers working in Venice. By the way, I don’t provide sessions for wedding ceremonies at all.

in conclusion

Overall, what I provide is not just photography, it’s also discovering Venice, mostly off the beaten path. It means enjoying Venice, much more than tourists, as if you had a friend in this magic Italian city. In other words, according the customer reviews, this experience could be the best thing you’ve done in Venice. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact me. You can tell me your ideas or ask me questions about the photo shoot or photography workshop in Venice.

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