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Venice Photographer

Photographer in Venice Italy for photo shoots and photography workshops

I’m Pietro, a professional photographer in Venice Italy providing photo shoots or private photo walks.

Both are about photography and discovering Venice, off the beaten path. Enjoying Venice with a photographer, as if you had a friend in this magnificent city of Italy.

The Venice photo shoot during a walking tour is indeed an enjoyable experience. It’s much more than a standard photo session.

The photo walk is actually a photography workshop and it’s about improving photography skills while exploring Venice with a local photographer.

what you get

1) professional photography

2) discovering Venice Italy

3) enjoyable experience

4) high quality price ratio

about quality and price

Hiring a photographer in Venice is a matter of quality price ratio. Comparing all the photographers working in Venice I’m not expensive or cheap. For sure what I offer is an excellent quality price ratio.

Quality is about the beauty of the pictures you will get. It’s about the enjoyable experience you will live. First of all, quality is about the attitude of the photographer who must be professional, creative and friendly.

I believe that you’re searching for a photographer with that attitude. Because that will make your photo shoot or workshop in Venice great. That’s why I invite you to read the customer reviews on TripAdvisor and Google Maps.

Venice photo shoot for couples

As Venice photographer I have 10+ years’ experience in couple photography. My style is a balance of posed and candid pictures of romantic moments. A mix of static and dynamic photos about having fun.

I will take pictures of you during an enjoyable stroll and a possible gondola tour. It’s not a short photo shoot so you can explore and enjoy Venice with a local photographer.

This Venice photo shoot will make your couple vacation really unforgettable. Great photos and a lot of fun in Venice, Italy.

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solo photo shoot in Venice

For solo travelers who want to have not only a photo shoot but also discover and really enjoy Venice with a local photographer.

Vacation or fashion photos taken in Venice, mostly off the beaten path and also at the main spots by a professional photographer.

This Venice photo shoot is different from a standard session. It’s indeed an enjoyable experience during a walking tour and a possible gondola ride.

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Venice photo walk (workshop)

Improving your photography skills and discovering Venice with a local photographer. Itinerary will be mostly off the beaten path but also main spots.

For advanced photographers with big camera or for beginners with their own phone. With this photo walk (photography workshop) you will explore and enjoy Venice, Italy.

It’s private photo walk, no groups, just individual or for a couple (or small family). Learning how to take great pictures, exploring Venice, having a lot of fun, that’s it!

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