Venice Photographer — Pietro

Photographer Venice Italy for photo shoot or photography workshop.

Ciao! I’m Pietro, a professional photographer in Venice Italy providing photography sessions and private photo walks.

Both are about photography and plus discovering and enjoying Venice, off the beaten path, with a friendly photographer.

The photo shoot in Venice, during an amazing tour, is more than a standard session, it’s indeed an enjoyable experience.

Photo walks are photo workshops, about improving photography skills while exploring Venice with a local photographer.

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Professional Photography

Discovering Venice Italy

Enjoyable Experience

High Quality-Price Ratio

Couple Photo Shoot

As photographer in Venice I have 10+ years’ experience in couple photography. My style is a mix of candid pictures of romantic moments and dynamic photos about fun.

Pictures taken during an enjoyable stroll and possible gondola tour. Plus, exploring and really enjoying Venice with a friendly photographer.

A couple photo shoot in Venice for your honeymoon, for your unforgettable vacation in Italy.

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Solo Photo Shoot

For solo travelers who want to have a photo session, and plus discover and really enjoy Venice, with a local photographer.

Vacation or fashion photos taken in Venice Italy, at iconic spots and off the beaten path, by a professional photographer.

Much more than a standard photo shoot, an enjoyable experience in Venice during a walking tour and possible gondola ride.

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Photography Workshop

For advanced photographers or just beginners, with this workshop {photo walk} you will explore and really enjoy Venice, Italy.

Improving photography skills and discovering Venice, both iconic spots and off the beaten track, with a local photographer.

Private photography workshop {no group, just individual or a couple}. This photo walk in Venice is an enjoyable experience.

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