venice wedding photographer for honeymoon photoshoot

Wedding photographer in Venice for honeymoon photoshoot. Private Venice walk and gondola tour in Venice with honeymoon photographer.

A wedding coplue who came in Venice for the honeymoon and hired me as photographer. Is there any place better than Venice for wedding pictures? For sure Venice is a perfect location for any kind of photoshoot. Especially if during the photo shoot shoot you have a lot of fun, and that’s what they really have had. Just read their review and you can understand what you can get too, if you hire me as professional (and friendly) photographer in Venice.


“We wanted our honeymoon in Venice to be the most memorable time. So we decided that the best way to capture this was to hire a local professional photographer. We came across his webpage through google and immediately impressed with his work portfolios. Very talented, good reviews, beautiful pictures offering at a reasonable price. We felt that he was the best photographer in Venice for us and made contact with him via email.

Rest assured he replied to our email enquiry promptly and we were delighted that he was able to accomodate to our requests and kind enough to give us some tips for our photoshoot. During the day of our photoshoot, we were pleased to meet him at the exact time and place specified.

He was very polite, friendly and easy to talk to, he can speak English fluently too. Moreover, he made sure we were very comfortable and to be ourselves during the photoshoot. Plus, he showed us how beautiful the city of Venice is, took us on the famous gondola ride and took great care of us (I was wearing heels at the time and he was kind enough to walk slowly at my pace then and took care of our jackets when we’re not wearing them during the photoshoot). Most importantly, we were beyond ecstatic to received the beautiful pictures he captured within days after the photoshoot. There’s no doubt Pietro Valpato is the best photographer in Venice.”