Honeymoon photography session in Venice Italy for romantic and fun pictures ~ Venice honeymoon photographer

Rebecca & Thomas hired me as Venice honeymoon photographer. They came in Venice for a romantic vacation and therefore I provided them a honeymoon photography session.  A photo shoot during a walking tour and gondola ride in Venice. What else you might want. I took many pictures about romantic and fun moments – for sure love is about that. They enjoyed the photo session because as professional and friendly photographer I use to take great photos and allow them to have a very good time.


Rebecca & Thomas (USA):

“Hiring photographer Pietro was the best decision we made in Venice! When looking up excursions to do in Venice. I figured what better way to remember our honeymoon than to have our pictures taken in such a romantic setting. Pietro met us at our hotel and took us to all the scenic photo spots in addition to a lot of local spots, all while giving us some Venice history! By the end of our photoshoot we felt like we were walking around Venice with a friend who just happens to be a photographer!! Pictures are perfect!! Best money ever spent. I promise you will not regret this photo shoot!!”


On their review on Tripadvisor there is all what you need to know about my photo shoot in Venice. I mean what you really get – that is much more than protofessional photos. I really like that words “we felt like we were walking around Venice with a friend who just happens to be a photographer” and moreover “Pictures are perfect!! Best money ever spent”. For sure this review and all the others make me a happy photographer in Venice. hence if you are searching for a Venice honeymoon photographer you just need to contact me.

Pietro Volpato © Photographer Venice Italy

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