Photographer in Venice providing couple vacation photography sessions. Romantic and fun photo shoot.

Hiring a photographer in Venice is about quality-price ratio. That is what makes your couple vacation photo shoot really worth it. Professional pictures taken in Venice about fun and romantic moments. Plus, discovering Venice with a local photographer. Couple vacation pictures taken during an enjoyable walking tour and possible gondola ride. A mix, a balance of posed and casual pictures in this magic city: Venice.

r e v i e w

“We couldn’t have had a better photographer for our Venice trip. For such a special trip we wanted to capture every moment and simply taking selfies wouldn’t be enough. Pietro made sure we got plenty of fantastic photos to remember our time in Venice. The tour was awesome and we got to see a lot of the city as we took both posed and casual photos. He took extra care so every shot was perfect. Fully recommend Pietro. You will have a memorable time and later relive your Venice trip through his photography.”

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