In this private page you can read about pricing/booking/details of photo workshop tour in Venice by photographer Pietro.


300€ (Euro) = 6 hours = Photo Workshop Tour in Venice


Photography workshop for a solo traveler or a couple (the price doesn’t change). No group, no family.

It is a photography workshop during a walking tour in Venice and in case even a gondola ride (read section GONDOLA).

Learning to take great pictures at wonderful places and exploring Venice with a local professional photographer.

It is a daylight photo walk. We’ll take pictures in Venice at famous spots and many more along charming unbeaten paths.


No booking fee ~ No depisit ~ No down payment

BOOKING is fast and easy

just let me know BY EMAIL (info@pietrovolpato.com) this:

» FIRST + LAST name: ??
» home street + number: ??
» home city + postal code: ??
» state/country: ??

» DAY + TIME you ARRIVE + LEAVE Venice: ??

» your HOTEL name in Venice: ??

» your CAMERA BODY = ??

» do you want to have GONDOLA ride during photo workshop: ??

(I need to know your home address because I’ve to put it on the invoice, it’s a rule of Revenue Agency).


Usually I am available 2 days for each customer. In these 2 days I would have no other customer but you.

That means that in the first day we have the photo workshop. The second day would be the backup in case of rain.

Please give me all the important info otherwise my availability is not guaranteed.

If your stay in Venice will change (arrival or departure day+time) my availability is not guaranteed.

The info about your arrival day+time in Venice are important because in case we have only 1 day we must have enough daylight in the end of the worshop.


You will discover and enjoy Venice much more than a tourist. My photo walk is not only about photography. You will have a great time. We can have a break (during or after the photo walk) for an italian coffe (Espresso), or a glass of italian wine (Prosecco), or the venetian drink (Spritz), or the venetian finger-food (Cicchetti) or an ice-cream (Gelato) or whatever. We’ll stay away from the main streets as much as possible, so crowded and good for nothing. You will enjoy Venice as a local.


Before to book you should read all the details below.


Payment only by cash (euro) in the end of the photo walk. No booking fee. No deposit.


The workshop is during the daylight. The workshop cannot be splitted in 2 parts.


Itinerary is arranged by me and it will be in the main island (I DON’T provide photo workshop in other islands as: Murano, Burano, Giudecca etc.). I don’t tell customers the itinerary (for sure we’ll take pictures even in St. Mark’s square). The itinerary is about to get great photos and about to have a good time in Venice. Your requests are welcome and evaluated.

~ RAIN ~

I don’t take pictures with rain. In case of rain we’ll use our backup day. In case of 2 days of rain the photo workshop will be cancelled. During the low season maybe I am available more than 2 days but this is not guaranteed.


Please, tell me what’s your camera body so I’ll upload the pdf manual on my smartphone, it will be useful in case we need to change the setting.


I prefer we meet and begin the photo workshop at your hotel. It should be in Venice (in the main island) otherwise we’ll meet in St. Mark square or somewhere else.


I need to know if you want to have (or not) a gondola ride during the photo workshop. Obviously the price of gondola ride is not included in the price of my photo workshop. Gondola is not my business, I mean that you have to pay (by cash) the gondolier in the end of the ride. In Venice the official price of gondola ride is 80€ and it’s 30 minutes (for 1 person or 1 couple the price doesn’t change). I will choose a good gondolier. I will not accept a gondola ride arranged by someone else.


Yes, of course I can take some pictures of you (for free) as memory of the day.