Fotografo a Venezia per servizio foto di coppia durante una romantica passeggiata e giro in gondola.

Una splendida coppia che cercava un fotografo a Venezia per servizio foto di coppia durante una piacevole passeggiata e un giro in gondola.

Un servizio fotografico, un mix di foto in posa e foto naturali di momenti romantici e divertimenti. Belle foto ma anche scoprire e godersi Venezia.

Per coppie e innamorati di ogni età. Se state cercando di vivere un’esperienza indimenticabile a Venezia, sarò felice di essere il vostro fotografo.

R e c e n s i o n e

“If you need photos taken in Venice, and Pietro is available, you should not hesitate to book this photographer. Admittedly, when I first read about Pietro I was skeptical that any experience could warrant 100% 5-star reviews. However, after meeting with him it is apparent to me that he deserves each and every one of them. Pietro met me and my fiancee in our hotel lobby, and was extremely prompt and professional. He proceeded to take us all over Venice, snapping pictures when he felt the environment was right. He was sure to ask us if we had any particular photos or poses that we wanted, and was extremely accommodating throughout the shoot. He communicated very clearly, and while we were walking from one location to the next he would supplement our shoot with light conversation and tips for the rest of our stay in Venice.”

“He found many hidden locations for photos, in addition to the classic tourist sites of Venice (St. Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace, etc.). After the photo shoot was over we sat down and reviewed the photos over drinks, concluding a fantastic experience. Two days after the phoot shoot he provided exactly what we had agreed upon when we were organizing the shoot, both in terms of the quality and quantity of photos. They were exactly what we wanted, and my fiancee was thrilled with the way they looked. Great Photographer! We will be sure to use the best of these photos for the save-the-date for our wedding, and will always cherish them.”

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