Photographer in Venice for a honeymoon photography session for a wedding couple on vacation in Italy

Paulina & Mario hired me as photographer in Venice for the honeymoon photography session. I provided them a photo shoot in Venice during a walking tour along wonderful places that they hardly would have found by themselves. They got amazing wedding dress photos. They got many great pictures and also they had very good time. they enjoyed Venice as not tourists.


Paulina & Mario (Chile):

“Since we made the contact photographer Pietro to arrange our photo shoot in Venice, his kindness, commitment and professionalism were highlighted. It was a dream of us taking photos in Venice for our honeymoon with our wedding dresses. Pietro took care of every detail, from the meeting place (since we were staying in Marghera), choosing places where there were not so many tourists and even the cleaning of each place, where he personally collected and cleaned cigarette butts or trash, Have a perfect picture.

We emphasize his sympathy and kindness, to tell us details of Venice, secrets and tips that served us in our stay. Along with the above note that we started receiving the pictures that same day at night through Google Drive, which was surprising. We recommend Pietro to be your photographer in Venice, whether for honeymoon or just vacation. It is worth taking this photo shoot and having an unforgettable memory of this place as special as it is Venice. We hope that more and more people can share this wonderful experience.”

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