Venice photography workshop tour and private photo walk during the carnival with local Venice photographer

An amazing photography workshop during the carnival in Venice. A private lesson, an private photo tour with Neville Presto from South Africa. The Venice Carnival is one of the most amazing events in Venice. With my photo workshop Neville came home with lot of great pictures of venice and carnival masks. A photography workshop that allowed Neville discover a wonderful and unique Venice and its famous carnival.


Neville (South Africa):

“I had a really great day with the photographer Pietro at the carnival in Venice. We met at my hotel and went through the basics of camera handling and took a few photos while on the way to San Marco square.

Pietro’s photography assistance was invaluable as he not only assisted with setting up with the photos but also knew where to go to get the best photos and take advantage of light conditions etc. I ended up with some stunning photos (for my level of experirnce) and all in all had a really enjoyable day. I am planning to return in Venice next year for another photography workshop.”

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