Venice photo walk ~ Private photography workshop tour with local/friendly/professional photographer in Venice Italy

Ivan & Kimberly, were on vacation in Venice and booked my photography workshop. A private photo walk with a professional and friendly photographer in Venice. They improved tecnique and creativity but first of all they discovered and enjoyed Venice not as a tourists. They took great pictures at places they would never found by themselves. A photo walking tour to improve photography skill and enjoyed Venice with a local photographer.


Ivan & Kimberly (USA):

“My wife has just transformed her passion for photography into a business, so naturally during our stay in Venice, I thought it would be great to have a seasoned professional photographer guide her through the storied and colorful Venetian landscape. This may have been the best idea I’ve had since asking her to marry me….Pietro was brilliant! I am the type of person who looks for character, personality, and relationship qualities in the people with whom I transact business (the skills and experience are important too!). So when we finally met Pietro in la Piazza di San Marco I was really happy to see his big smile, warm and sincere eyes, and light-hearted albeit professional demeanor.

Pietro engaged immediately asking lots of background questions about my wife’s experience, preferences, style, and lots of techinical photog questions that were guided by lots of terms I dont understand….it was perfect. There was a moment when my wife turned back to look at me and gave me a huge glowing SMILE to let me know how much she was already loving the experience with Pietro as our guide. The rest really, are made up of the colorful details of a truly memorable experience; however I will summarize by saying that Pietro is a true professional, a gifted photographer, a kind and gentle soul, and a man who understands that all great things in life happen in fleeting moments- and he stands ready to capture them all through his lens, while sharing his vision with all who have the fortune of meeting him.”

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Pietro Volpato © Photographer Venice Italy