photographer in venice for wedding honeymoon photoshoot during walking tour – romantic and having fun pictures

Amo & Kuan, a wedding couple on holiday in Venice Italy for their honeymoon, hired me because I am a professional photographer. I provide them a photo shoot during a walking tour. Love-story pictures during a stroll. Photos of romantic and fun situations. They enjoyed the photography session in Venice.

– Review –

Amo & Kuan (Taiwan):

“It wasn’t easy to carry the dress and the suit all the way from Taiwan. But the result is totally worthy. With the photographer Pietro and the old time glamour of Venice that I just adore, the photos are just too good to be true. When we watched the photos, we saw the different side of the city through the eyes of a local.

Photos are better than we expected. We would never image that the photos would be so perfect by just watching the website with only one picture of each group. We highly recommend the photographer Pietro.”

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