photographer in venice for romantic vacation pictures – photo shoot during a nice walk for a couple for their wedding anniversary

Corinne & Scott, really enjoy the photo shoot I provided in Venice during a walk. They came for a romantic vacation and hired me as professional photographer in Venice. It was about great pitures taken at wonderful places and even about having good time. A photo shoot of a romantic walk in Venice.


Corinne & Scott (USA):

“This was my first time in Venice and I knew I wanted it to be super special and wanted all captured in pictures. Photographer Pietro did just that! He is a professional photographer and a very passionate one. He wants you to have fun and at the same time he wants the pictures to be just perfect! I hired him for 3 hours. The day before my arrival, he informed me that the day I chose was supposed to rain.

He wanted to move it to the day before which was my arrival day. I was concerned because I knew we would be tired from the long trip but I didn’t want to take a chance of not being able to do it. I had an hour and half to get ready and off we went. What a way to begin our trip!!! About the pics, they were AMAZING! and he delivered them as promised in 24 hrs.

When I showed the pictures to my family who are professional photographers in PR, they were impressed and said they will certainly book with Prieto when they go to Venice.”

photographer venice photoshoot romantic walk tour couple lovers anniversary vacation pictures

Pietro Volpato © Photographer Venice

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