Photographer in Venice providing a photoshoot to celebrate couple wedding anniversary. Vacation pictures during a private photo walk in Venice

Susan & Derek, a couple on holiday in Venice for the wedding anniversary, hired me because I am a photographer. I provided a photoshoot during a stroll. Love-story pictures. Photos of romantic and fun moments in Venice.


Susan & Derek (USA):

“We celebrated our wedding anniversary in Venice with a photo shoot with the photographer Pietro. He is quite charming and personable and speaks excellent English. We had a wonderful time.Our photos are fabulous. He captured a lot of personality, originality, and romance against the backdrop of beautiful Venice.

He cleverly arranges shots to eliminate the ever present tourists in the background while capturing the essence of Venice. He gladly honored my requests for special shots. He is a skilled professional, and I highly recommend this photographer. Mille grazie, my new Italian friend.”

Photographer in Venice for photoshoot and tour for couple on vacation for their wedding anniversary

Pietro Volpato © Photographer Venice