venice photographer best honeymoon photo shoot for wedding couples on vacation – having fun and romantic pictures of a stroll in venice

Lukas & Fungai were in Venice for a romantic vacation. I was their photographer for a photo shoot during a walking tour. It was about many pictures of romantic and having fun moment. The had very good time in Venice, exploring and enjoying Venice while I took pictures of them. I have been their photographer but even a director and a friendly guide.

– Review –

Lukas & Fungai (Switzerland):

“This photoshoot turned out to be the best gift that i ever gave to my wife. We spent our honeymoon in Venice and enjoyed the day that we spent with the photographer Pietro probably more than any other day during our entire visit. He was funny, he directed us and made us laugh and that way he was able to capture our natural laughs.

He made us so comfortable and showed us parts of Venice that in a lense that we would have otherwise not seen. We warmly recommend photographer Pietro to anyone looking for genuine experience of Venice and would like to have special moments captured while at it.”

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