photographer in venice for photos of romantic vacation of a couple – fun and love-story pictures taken during a walking tour and gondola ride

Tee & Jessica, a couple of lovers, hired me as photographer in Venice. They wanted a photo session during a walk and gondola ride. They got many pictures of them about romantic and fun moments. Great pictures and great time in Venice.


Tee & Jessica (Malaysia):

“I decided to engage the photographer Pietro in Venice after reading all the reviews and none were off the mark. Most importantly, Pietro is a man of his words and he delivered all his promise within the time frame stated by him. Secondly, his commitment is second to none and he is very particular about the surroundings.

He will make an effort to clear the surrounding of garbage and cigarette butts to ensure that our pictures are not tarnished by litter. When he showed us the pictures via his Ipad the next day, we were amazed with the quality of his photos. Most importantly, Pietro was fun and easy to work with. He ensured that our entire photo shoot was fun and this was shown in our photos. Thank you, Pietro.”

photographer venice photo shoot romantic vacation couple lovers walking tour gondola

Pietro Volpato © Photographer Venice

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