photographer venice italy honeymoon photoshoot during a walking dancing tour and gondola ride, couple vacation pictures

Nadia & Derek is a couple on vacation in Venice for the honeymoon. They hired me because I am a professional photographer in Venice. i provide them a photoshoot during a walking (dancing) tour and a gondola ride. I took many pictures of romantic and fun monents. They enjoy a lot the photo session in Venice.

– Review –

Nadia & Derek (California):

“We were in Venice for our honeymoon and connected with the photographer Pietro for a photo shoot throughout Venice. Pietro was fun to talk to and easy to work with – he made us feel natural and happy as we went to many of the best places in Venice. Pietro was very patient and persistent in finding just the perfect gondola (some boats and gondoliers are better than others!) to do our gondola pictures in, or dodging tourists to get a great shot.

The result was a romantic and fun afternoon, with a whole lot of amazing pictures that will be cherished for a lifetime. They turned out even better than our professional wedding photos, and certainly with some unbelievable scenery around us.”

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