photographer in venice italy for wedding honeymoon photography session and tour for couple on holiday

Vincent and Jessie were in Venice Italy for the wedding honeymoon holiday. The perfet reason to hire a photographer in Venice. A wonderful city where to have a photography session and tour. Venice for sure is the perfect place where to get professional wedding pictures. Photos of romantic and funny moments. Venice is the perfect chance to have a photo shoot during a walking tour. the easy way to get great photographs and have very good time.

– Review –

Jessie & Vincent (China):

“Pietro is a quite professional, nice and punctual photographer, actually my wife and me were informed that we are the first Chinese couple who take photo by him there in Venice, which makes our wedding photo more remarkable for us, to be the first. The route is well planned, photo shoot is professionally organized, and what’s more, for a long time arrangement, posed in front of the camera, face turns out to be not that flexible, but Pietro is an interesting person, make some interesting stories or jokes, make my wife smile in a natural way all the time. Photos are fantastic, and what’s more, Pietro knows many tasty finger foods restaurants, where mostly been visited by local people, you can imagine in Venice, delicious, and cheap, which is very nice, we also have photos taken in the finger food restaurants after the photo. Strongly recommend this photographer, if we go back to Venice again, will consider to ask him to take some more photos again in different places and casual clothes.”

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