venice photographer for a photography session and romantic walking tour for a couple on vacation

Matthew & June are from Hong Kong. It was a pleasure being their photographer in Venice and below the feedback about the photo shoot of their honeymoon vacation in Venice. They chose Venice for their vacation in Italy, and chose me as professional photographer for having a photo session. A photo shoot during a walking tour. They got a lot amazing pictures of them in Venice as only a professional photographer can take. I took a lot pictures of them while they had a stroll. Here some pictures at St.Mark square and other places in Venice. They came back home satisfied for the photo shoot, that has transformed their honeymoon vacation into a loads of unforgettable photographs, images full of emotions and fun. Romantic moments in Venice captured forever, with the quality that it deserves. That why you should hire me, your private photographer in Venice. Because I am professional, creative and friendly. Get your portraits session at the most beautiful places in Venice, great pictures and a nice reportage of your vacation in Italy.

– Review –

Matthew & June (Hong Kong):

“It was fun and a relaxing session for us and want to say thanks again that you have show us around! We love the pictures so much, you really help us to save our memory and create a memorable experience in Venice.”

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