Photo Shoot in Venice – Package

price = 300€ {euro}

time = 3 hours

photos = 300

I provide only the 3-hour package because after years of experience I realized that is the best solution. 200 5-star reviews on Tripadvisor just confirm it. By the way, the price is about the quality of the pictures and the amazing experience.


Photography session in Venice for a couple or a solo traveller {the price is the same}. It’s a photo shoot in Venice during a walking tour and gondola ride if you wish {read section GONDOLA}. It’s a daylight shooting during a private photo walk. My style is a mix of posed and natural pictures, a mix of having fun and romantic moments/photos.


booking is fast and easy

no booking fee ~ no deposit ~ no down payment

send the info to my email address:

use your main email address, the one you check every day


» FIRST + LAST name ??

» full HOME ADDRESS * ??

» ARRIVAL  {day+time} ??

» DEPARTURE {day+time} ??

» HOTEL name ??

» WHATSAPP number ** ??

» PARTNER’s first name ??




* your home address is required because it must be written on the invoice {it’s a rule of the Revenue Agency}

** WhatsApp is only for last minute communication before the photo shoot {useful about weather or whatever}


I’ll confirm my availability after you write the arrival/departure. If your staying in Venice allows it then I’ll be available 2 DAYS {1st day = SHOOTING} {2nd day = BACKUP}. In these 2 days I have no customer but YOU.


My photo shoot in Venice is not only about professional and beautiful pictures. You will discover and enjoy Venice beyond the standard itineraries. You will have a really great time {Tripadvisor reviews say this}.


Payment by CASH in the end of the photo walk.

No booking fee ~ No deposit ~ No down payment.


We can meet/begin at your hotel. It should be in Venice (in the main island) otherwise we’ll meet somewhere else.


The best time to begin the photo shoot changes every month. I DON’T provide photo shoots after sunset.


We’ll take pictures in the MAIN island of Venice. For many reasons I don’t say the itinerary in advance. By the way, soon or late, we’ll take pictures also in St. Mark’s square.

~ RAIN ~

I DON’T take pictures with rain.

If rain is expected we’ll try to reschedule the photo shoot during the same day or the backup day. If rescheduling were not possible, please be aware that the photo shoot would be CANCELED.


I do the selection. I do the photo editing of all the pictures. Photo editing is ABOUT the light, colours and cropping. Please, be aware that I DON’T retouch skin, body and clothing.


I provide photos by high resolution JPG files. I’ll upload the photos on Google Drive. All the pictures will be uploaded in 2-3 days {low season} or 6-7 days {high season}.


The price of gondola is NOT INCLUDED. Gondola is NOT my business. I mean that you have to pay by cash the gondolier in the end of the ride. The official price of gondola ride is 80€ and it lasts 30 minutes {1 person or 1 couple the price doesn’t change}. I will choose a good gondolier. I will not accept a gondola ride arranged by anybody else.


Please, be aware that the outfit change would have a negative effect on the itinerary because we should go back to your hotel. Moreover we’d waste time and that means less pictures taken.


Please, be aware that your shoes should be both good looking and comfortable for walking.


For many reasons it’s better you don’t have bags or backpacks during the photo shoot.


Don’t forget them. Sunglasses are good for some pictures. During all the other pictures we can put them on my bag.


After the photo shoot {in 2-4 weeks} I’ll ask you the leave a review on Tripadvisor/Google. I’ll copy the review on my website and I’ll add 2-4 photos of you. If you book the photo shoot then I presume you’re comfortable about this.