professional photographer in Venice Italy, photo shoot or photography workshop walking tour


(photo shoot in Venice during a walk) [romantic + fun] {for couples}

Hire me as professional photographer in Venice Italy. I provide a photo shoot in Venice during a walk. Pictures of romantic and fun moments. A photography session for couples about engagement, honeymoon, vacation, wedding anniversary, birthday present. My photo session in Venice is an amazing experience. Great pictures of you in Venice taken during a walking tour and in case a gondola ride. Main locations and unbeaten paths. The best way to discover and enjoy Venice. Hire me, I will be your photographer (and your friendly local guide) in Venice.


(photo workshop tour) [learning + enjoying] {for singles / couples}

As professional photographer I provide a photography workshop in Venice, a photo walk in Venice, a private photography walking tour in Venice. Learning to take great pictures beside a professional photographer in Venice Italy. Improving photography skills and in the same time discovering and enjoying Venice. Shooting in the main places like St. Mark square and along unbeaten paths. My photo tour will be the best part of your vacation in Venice. Lesson of photography and tour for amateur photographers (for singles or couples. No groups).


(photography session in Venice) [portrait + fashion] {for singles}

I provide a photo session in Venice during a walk for singles. Photo shoot in Venice with a professional photographer. Portrait and fashion pictures of you at wonderful locations in Venice, main places and unbeaten paths. If you want, we can take pictures during a gondola tour. You’ll be the model of photography session and in the same time you get the best way to discover and enjoy Venice. Great photos and great time in Venice. Make your vacation in Venice unforgettable with a photo shoot.

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